The Age Of Distortion – By Soumyaa

Amazing thoughts by the writer.


As I sat to ponder about the embellished beauty of nature, I observed something very similar other than mere beauty; I observed ‘imperfection’. The mighty Sun is so exquisite early in the morning and nothing could match the beauty of the setting Sun. Yet, it has flaws- despite its beauty, one can’t look at the it directly for too long during its prime. The Sun looks fascinating during its birth and death everyday, yet, it doesn’t stop shining.

Image result for The Sun

The mighty mountains takes our breath away, they are absolutely hypnotizing; yet, they are handicapped. They can’t move, they don’t change, they have been the same for ages and they don’t expect any change in their appearance. Their beauty is angelic yet chronic.

Image result for ugly mountains

The enticing oceans never stop impressing you, they are so beautiful that one won’t even mind to drown in them. The beautiful horizon which blends with the sky and…

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