As I walk through that deserted street we used to frequent, I try to recall our memories. I want to relive those moments that fed my soul. I want to quench my thirst for happiness. The longing for your smile is unbearable. My heart knows it cannot live without you. You are too far now. Your absence hurts more than you. You have slipped so far away that I cannot recall your face. Although my hands still remember your touch. You were swept so far away by the waves of time and winds of fate that meeting you is seemingly impossible. You still linger in my heart, my soul. My mind betrays you all the time. Pushing you into oblivion, towards a dark alley without the light of love. I took you for granted when you were around. I never loved you enough. My mind is punishing me by letting me forget things about you. Yes, you. Bring me out of this oblivious state. Take me to your world. Come, rescue me from oblivion.

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