I don’t need you, my soul does

It has been a while since our eyes met. It has been long since I talked to you. I see you everyday suffering through the pains that life has given you. You stand firm against all challenges and all odds. I can feel you dealing with heart wrenching pain. You try to shadow your pain with material distractions. However, your eyes don’t lie. Sometimes I feel like hugging you tight and telling you that everything is going to be alright. I wish I could. You are physically so close. However, our hearts are miles apart. I can’t bear watching you in grief and pain. You mean the world to me. Be strong my love, for fate has better plans for you. You ought to have high spirits. I miss the old you, the mischievious smile you had, the pranks you pulled on people around us, the small fights we had. I miss those days when you made me laugh. Sometimes you made me cry. I wish we could do that again. I have no regrets. Obsession, passion, love, whatever you may name it, my feelings for you were too strong for I have been scarred for life. I have been left with an unending sea of pain and lonliness and a lot of memories. You can take away your things from me, you can return my things in your possession, but these memories are owned by my heart. They keep my heart beating. You are the reason I live. 

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