You and me

I do not remember seeing you for the first time. I remember the first time you texted me. That was the night when we talked a lot. I fell for you then. I love your funny little problems. I love your smile that brightens the room. I love how you are casual and calm at all times. I like it when you share how you feel with me. I love going through our pictures, the memories we make as I know it is not going to stay the same forever. I have you now and it is all that matters. 





Amazing work by friend Kriti Kakkar, also from IHM Pusa.

Mind runway.

So far gone that you lose the trail,

Of who you were, the thought prevails.

Don’t get me wrong, I live with no regrets,

But I would do anything to be back playing safe bets.

For the path I’m walking is drifting me away from me,

I might lose who I am forever and just remain a mere memory.

All I need is strength like never before

To pick up the broken pieces and open another door.

Never did I ever thought I’ll be left on these crossroads,

Left with retracing of steps and mending of loads.

But I thank you for throwing every challenge at me,

Now watch me dodge the shades and put this all past me.

P. S. It is fine to accept the fact that you’re not okay and be selfish for a li’l while.

Never forget, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a…

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I miss that look in your eyes, which spoke volumes in silence. I miss that touch of yours, which ran shivers down my spine. I miss the games your jet black hair played with the wind. You are far away from me, yet so close to my heart. I have thought of a million ways to let go of you. My heart cheats me each time I try to do so. Living without you is not the same. It is a lie I live everyday, in pain. I long to catch one glimpse of you, I yearn to spend a few moments with you. An entire lifetime could be worth those moments spent with you. I get so restless when I think about you. I want your voice to calm me, like you used to. I wander directionless hoping that one day you would come back to me, grab my hand and take me with you. I do not mind getting lost, if I am with you.

The Age Of Distortion – By Soumyaa

Amazing thoughts by the writer.


As I sat to ponder about the embellished beauty of nature, I observed something very similar other than mere beauty; I observed ‘imperfection’. The mighty Sun is so exquisite early in the morning and nothing could match the beauty of the setting Sun. Yet, it has flaws- despite its beauty, one can’t look at the it directly for too long during its prime. The Sun looks fascinating during its birth and death everyday, yet, it doesn’t stop shining.

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The mighty mountains takes our breath away, they are absolutely hypnotizing; yet, they are handicapped. They can’t move, they don’t change, they have been the same for ages and they don’t expect any change in their appearance. Their beauty is angelic yet chronic.

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The enticing oceans never stop impressing you, they are so beautiful that one won’t even mind to drown in them. The beautiful horizon which blends with the sky and…

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As I walk through that deserted street we used to frequent, I try to recall our memories. I want to relive those moments that fed my soul. I want to quench my thirst for happiness. The longing for your smile is unbearable. My heart knows it cannot live without you. You are too far now. Your absence hurts more than you. You have slipped so far away that I cannot recall your face. Although my hands still remember your touch. You were swept so far away by the waves of time and winds of fate that meeting you is seemingly impossible. You still linger in my heart, my soul. My mind betrays you all the time. Pushing you into oblivion, towards a dark alley without the light of love. I took you for granted when you were around. I never loved you enough. My mind is punishing me by letting me forget things about you. Yes, you. Bring me out of this oblivious state. Take me to your world. Come, rescue me from oblivion.

Bitter To Sweet

I keep looking at the entrance just to catch a glimpse of you. All I want to see is your smile. A smile that is an elixir for me. A smile that makes my day. A smile that lights up the air around me. A smile so precious that I could wait all day to see you smile, hear you laugh. Your laughter is music to my ears. You look heavenly when you laugh that innocent laughter of yours. I love it when you laugh at your own jokes. 

Life is indeed surprising. You are one gift of God that I’ll cherish. I still remember my blatant dislike for you. I still remember how much I used to detest you. Now you are in every breath of mine and in every action. You have cast a magic spell on me with your charms. The sun is yet to set my dear. The night is yet to fall.


I feel empty. There is nothing left to feel. No more love, hatred, happiness or grief. Yes, there are a few streaks of pain. However, I’ve come to terms with it. It has become a part of my life. The emptiness inside me is a weird feeling. All those smiles and tears, sighs and squeals, all buried under a grim face. I see people trying really hard to keep themselves happy and take pleasure in momentary and material things which might not even matter the next day. I am a believer of constant happiness. If you are a happy person, you must see happiness in all situations. You must be happy when you are thousands of miles away from your loved ones, or millions of steps away from your goal. If you are sad, don’t keep any inhibitions and don’t bury yourself in your pilow while you cry. Cry out loud. Cry for the pain your parents took to raise you. Cry for the efforts you made before you failed.

Channelise you anger. Anger is a faulty flow of energy. If you are angry, don’t take it out on the weak and timid. Be brave. Fight for what you deserve.

If you have done all of this, you must be feeling empty. Feel the vaccuum inside you, sucking into your soul like a parasite. Don’t let it change you. Live and let live. Pet your emptiness. Feed it with positive energy. Take it out to wonderland for a stroll.

Yes, I feel empty. I am dealing with it all the time. I shall be brave, for I am a Child of God.


Happiness is looking into your eyes and seeing you smile. No amount of money can buy the feeling I get when I see you happy.  Your laughter is music to my ears. I love it when you tease me. I am happiest when you tell me how much you think about me. I hate to see you angry. Whenever someone mentions your name, I’m all ears. The very thought of you makes me happy, dear. The uncertain future doesn’t scare me, the fear of losing you does. I like to care for you. I love it when you ask me for small things that you want me to do. My heart races when I can’t see you around. It is surprising to me that there was a time when all I had for you was hatred. Fate has shown me the right way. It has led me to you. You are a blessing in disguise. You happened when I was falling apart. You have given me immense strength. You nursed my soul when it was wounded. You taught me trust and compassion. You have been there for me. I can’t stand by your side forever. My soul will.

The never ending wait

We all wait. Admit it or not, we all hate waiting but still do it. All you got to have is patience. Some people wait for the right person,  some for the right oppurtunity. Then there are some who wait for a miracle. You cannot just sit back and wait. You have to earn what is yours and what you think you deserve. There is nothing on earth that can stop you from achieving what you deserve. In fact, it is only you who can decide what you deserve. When you wait for the right person, you must know that the person you’re looking for could be anywhere, right beside you or even miles apart. You will know it when he/she is the one. Just wait. 

I don’t need you, my soul does

It has been a while since our eyes met. It has been long since I talked to you. I see you everyday suffering through the pains that life has given you. You stand firm against all challenges and all odds. I can feel you dealing with heart wrenching pain. You try to shadow your pain with material distractions. However, your eyes don’t lie. Sometimes I feel like hugging you tight and telling you that everything is going to be alright. I wish I could. You are physically so close. However, our hearts are miles apart. I can’t bear watching you in grief and pain. You mean the world to me. Be strong my love, for fate has better plans for you. You ought to have high spirits. I miss the old you, the mischievious smile you had, the pranks you pulled on people around us, the small fights we had. I miss those days when you made me laugh. Sometimes you made me cry. I wish we could do that again. I have no regrets. Obsession, passion, love, whatever you may name it, my feelings for you were too strong for I have been scarred for life. I have been left with an unending sea of pain and lonliness and a lot of memories. You can take away your things from me, you can return my things in your possession, but these memories are owned by my heart. They keep my heart beating. You are the reason I live.